Atmega 8 : And Some Amazing Facts

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ATmega 8 is a low power CMOS 8-bit microcontroller based on the AVR RISC architecture. by executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, the atmega8 achieves throughput approaching 1 MIPS per MHz. In order to maximize performance and parallelism, the AVR uses a Harvard architecture.

In AVR ATmega 8, AVR implies it(s) relation to AVR family and it was developed by ATMEL CORP and '8' in ATmega 8 means this microcontroller has 8 KB flash memory. This is how AVR ATmega 8 got its name.

ATmega 8 very known and famous due to its amazing features over others.

The main features of Atmega 8 microcontroller are its high-performance, low-power consumption, upto 16MIPS throughput at 16 MHz, 32X8 general purpose working registers, internal calibrated RC oscillator, external dn interna interrupt sources.

Atmega 8 has 20 years at 85°C and 100 years at 25°C of data retention. This implies that atmega 8 can hold data for a very long period of time.

Atmega8 has 8KB of in-system self-programmable flash program memory and 512 Bytes of EEPROM.

It also have PWM output and input capture that record a time stamp triggered by a signal edge.

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