How to make a temperature monitoring device using ATmega 8 microcontroller and LM35 Temperature sensor

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Temperature monitoring is very vital in many industrial processes.

Accurate control of temperature is essential nearly in all chemical, mechanical and power distribution processes.

In some application, an accuracy of around -5 to +5 Degree Celsius may be acceptable. there are also many areas which require better than ~1 degree Celsius accuracy.

Temperature is measured using temperature sensors. these sensors comes in many different forms and a number of ways have involved for the measurement of temperature .

most of the sensors  produce analog output voltage which is proportional to the temperature  but there are also some sensors (eg. IC sensors) who produces digital output and can directly be connected to microcontroller without the need of and analog and digital converters.

Here, we are using LM35 IC temperature sensors , whose output voltage is proportional to the temperature and can directly be connected to the ATmega 8 microcontroller.

This project is all depends on Analog to digital converters (ADC) in ATmega 8. So, you must need to first get familiar with it.

Remenber, ADC uses reference voltage to convert the analog input.

In ATmega 8 PORTC is multiplexed with ADC. PORTC can work as both Input/Output port or ADC.


Download the Full Project file ( Including : .hex )

Link 1

Link 2

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