How to : Make a GSM mobile phone operated robot using ATmega 16 / ATmega 8

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In this project we are going to make a GSM mobile phone based bot.

This type of robot has advantages over simple wireless bot as it overcomes the limitations of wireless like limited range, frequency interference etc. These type of bot is having less fear of interference as every call is having a unique frequency.

The principle on which these bots work is DTMF ( dual tone multi-frequency).

During a call, every button generates a frequency tone which is different from tones generated by rest of the keys.

But DTMF is not the only part which make the bot work. There is also a HT9170 decoder IC is present at the receiver end which decodes the DTMF tone and fed the signal to the microcontroller ATmega 16.

all type of HT9170 series use digital counting techniques to detect and decode all the 16 DTMF tone pair into 4 bit code output.

the schimatic diagram of the circuit is given below

Using the similar technique we can create a variety of projects such as Home automation system or airship surveillance system etc.

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