Bottle filling and capping project on HMI using Timer in PLC 300

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In this project we are going to make a bottle filling and capping station project on HMI. We will make project on  Siemens wincc flexible and Logic on Simatic manager.

In this project bottle will move forward on a conveyor belt. first the filling and after that capping will take place.

First we make a Logic on PLC manager ( e.g simatic manager ).
In network 1, we are taking a NO and S_PULSE timer as shown below.

the output at MW0 is in descending order. So, to make it in ascending order we are subtracting the result of MW0 to 400. We are taking 400 because the output of MW0 is the multiple of 100 ms = 1 count and 10 X 100ms = 1s.  So 40 s = 40 X 10 X 100 ms .

The HMI  screen will be look like this.

Watch Video

// you can download the complete project file from below

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