How to make a photo-phobic robot using ATmega 8 microcontroller and Photodiode PT333

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In this project we are going to make a photosensitive- light phobic robot using ATmega 8 microcontroller. you can also use the same code to perform with ATmega 16 by just changing the number of bits.

The working principle of this bot is quite simple and similar to the insects like cockroach. The bot try to avoid light.

We are using a photodiode ( esp. photodiode PT333-3c ).

A photodiode is a type of photodetector which converts light into either current or voltage ( depending upon the mode of operation ). The traditional solar cell used to generate electric solar power is a large area photodiode.

 The circuit of photo-phobic bot is as similar to line follower but  instead of IR sensor we are using photodiodes.

In this project we are using two photodiodes for both servo motors  but you can use more than two


// you can download the complete project file ( including .hex , c ) from below

Link 1

Link 2

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