30 Portrait Photographs From World’s Most Famous Photographers

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Steve McCurry's photo of a ‘Afghan girl’ taken in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan, is one of the most recognized photo of National Geographic.
Source: stevemccurry.com

Lee Jeffries known for his collection of black and white portraits of homeless people.
Source: leejeffries.500px.com

Jimmy Nelsson is well-known for his portraits of tribal and indigenous people taken in more than 16 countries.
Source: beforethey.com

Rehahn is famous for catching the soul of his subjects.
Source: rehahnphotographer.com

Eric Lafforgue has a story for each person he has photographed and famous for his photos taken in North Korea.
Source: ericlafforgue.com

Manny Librodo
Source: pbase.com

Lisa Kristine is a humanitarian photographer and famous for her role in exposing modern day slavery.
Source: lisakristine.com

David Lazar is always in the pursuit of moments in life.
Source: davidlazarphoto.com

Joel Santos demonstrates the feeling of his subjects.
Source: joelsantos.net

Phil Borges famous for his portraits of Tibetan refugees.
Source: philborges.com


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